Basically, iTagehome is a group of software and hardware engineers and other professionals




Our vision is to become the hub of software development and hardware maintenance and repairs in Africa.


1) Provide a platform for people to seek IT services like website development, solar panel installation, photography, satellite dish installation, network installation, etc. 2) Provide a platform for people to find accommodation to rent; 3) Provide local businessmen and women the platform to advertise their goods and services to the world; 3) Provide a platform for students to study Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, and others online and explore the latest technologies developed and their positive impact on the world today; 4) Provide a platform for upcoming artists or talented young people to showcase their talents.


CORE VALUES: Integrity, originality, continuous research, team work, adaptivity, reliability, efficiency, diligence, modernization, use of technology, proactiveness, customer satisfaction and excellence.

iTagehome Online Classes

Our education platform is not a school or an institution. It is a platform to enhance learners’ studies, make their learning more practical, simple and convenient.

The content of all the courses available are prepared by professional teachers who are currently teaching in government or private Senior High Schools or Tertiary Institutions. They have passion for the courses they teach, have great experience and are making awesome impacts in their course areas.

The platform is user-friendly and very simple to navigate through.

The Content of The Online Platform

It starts from the registration process, where user information is required including username and password. Software engineering course is automatically registered for you. After you register (or signup), you can login.

When your login is successful, you will be directed to a ‘select course’ page where you can choose a course you have registered or where you can register a new course.

When you want to register a new course, you would need ‘student id’ and ‘course code’. To obtain a course code, you need to send a message to iTagehome Office, with the email: and the student id and course code will be sent to you. It has been done that way, for future purposes. In the near future, when iTagehome is officially well established, a little support would be required to help sustain the instructors (or teachers) on board who spend quality time, energy and efforts to research and give out their best and to pay taxes to the government.

When you select a registered course, you will be directed to the ‘user profile’ page, where you will see some of your information you registered with (includes; name, gender, telephone number, email, date of birth, student id for that course, course name, date course started and date course ends, strength in the course) and the details of the course you have selected (includes; student class, course duration, instructor name, instructor qualifications, instructor schools attended, examination details, link to West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) e-Learning tool kit and WAEC website to check WASCE result with voucher, message from iTagehome online learning administration, a message from your course instructor, assignment given to you by your course instructor, class activity links, learner instructor whatsapp system, zoom conference system and messenger for student administration communication. On the profile page, you have options like, editing your user details excluding your username and email, update profile picture, edit password and delete user account permanently.

When you click on ‘enter classroom’ or ‘study’ on the navigation bar at the top, you will be directed to the ‘study’ page. There you will have access to the lesson videos on the topics of the course.

You are also provided with online exercises which automatically marks your work immediately after submission.

You will have access to download assignments or home work your course instructor has provided for you to do.

You have inspirational or motivational videos provided which would strengthen you to work hard and inspire you to move on in life.

You are also provided with directions how you could learn effectively with the lesson videos.

You can select ‘examination’ on the navigation bar at the top to see your countdown time or time remaining for your examination window to open for you to write. Examination is designed in two part. The first examination window opens after three months of registration (that is, you can write the first examination anytime after three months of registration). The second examination window opens six months after registration. Details of the examinations are provided on the page.

You can also select ‘live’ teaching option from the navigation bar at the top. Your instructor will inform you on your profile (at the instructor's comments section), if there is going to be an online address or presentation.

You can select ‘seminars’ option from the navigation bar at the top. There you would be informed on the upcoming seminars iTagehome is organizing to train learners or the public. There would be interesting seminars on packaging, using IT to promote businesses and increase sales etc.

You can also select the ‘scholarship’ option from the navigation bar at the top. There you will have access to authentic and reliable international scholarship avenues in the world.

You can select the ‘psychologist’ option from the navigation bar at the top. There you will have access to messages that would build your mindset positively to position you for the future or help you withstand challenges in life or to prevent you from falling victim to dangers of the world.

You can also select the ‘self-reliance’ option from the navigation bar at the top. There you will have access to entrepreneurship training and successful entrepreneurs’ videos to expose you to the dos and don’ts of the business markets.

The iTagehome online classes platform in the near future would be one of the best online education system in the world. Our motto is ‘trust in God’. We trust in God and we hope you also do.

iTagehome Website Security

iTagehome Website Security

Our website, is secured with TLS or SSL certificate, google recapture security and inbuilt security system. The iTagehome website is hosted by the best hosting site in the world. We are mindful of data protection laws. Your information is secure. Passwords are encrypted in the registration (or signing up) process and stored on the database. Your password is stored on the database as a long encrypted secure code. No one knows your password apart from yourself or the one you give it to.